Thursday, August 7, 2008


The first ever workshop on "Workshop on Glossary of Zo Cultural Vocabularies" beginning 24th July 2008 to 2nd August 2008 has successfully concluded at MP Club, South Avenue, New Delhi.
This workshop is the first of its kind ever conducted for NE India and India as a whole for the preservation and development of culture and traditions of tribals especially for the progress of Zo/Zou language and culture. Prof. T.N Pandit, former Director of Anthropological Survey of India was the Chief Guest and main speaker of the inaugural session held on 24 July 2008. He exhorted the participants to maintain their culture and traditions and language, emphasing the role of women in preservation and transmission of cultural values to next generation.
Dr. Subbakrisna of CIIL, Mysore enlightened the gathering for the need and necessity of documenting and preserving the moral ethics, good cultural value and facets of tribal life, encouraging the participants to think in new directions for the welfare of the Zo society.
Prof. Subbarao a Doctorate from Illinois University(USA) spoke about the Tibeto-Burman language and exhorted the participants to have proper grammar based on tribal languages. Dr. Pritha Chandra of IIT, Delhi and Dr. Rajesh Kumar of Texas University(USA) also joined the workshop opening ceremony.
The Chairman, Zoculsin Mr. Philip Mangkang announced the welcoming of the VIPs with bouquet of flowers. The Chief Guest was welcomed with a bouquet of flower by Mrs. Rebecca Nuomzavung then followed by welcoming of Dr.Subbakrisna with a bouquet of flower by Mrs. Chingbawi, followed by welcoming of Prof. Subbarao by Mr. Haulienkap, Ms. Jane Neipi welcomed Dr. Pritha Chandra with a bouquet of flower followed by Mr. Lunzamung welcoming Dr. Rajesh Kumar with a bouquet of flower. The gathering gave big applause to all the VIPs.
This was followed by a speech by the Chairman, Zoculsin which can be seen at . The workshop inauguration was combined with Celebration of the Decade Old existence of ZOCULSIN '10th Year' Anniversary and International Year of Language. All the participants and audience, enjoyed the day in full measures followed by sumptuous lunch of various items.
The Chairman, Zoculsin annnounced the awards in various socio-cultural, literature, poetical fields amongst the Zo community in India and Myanmar who have contributed immensely for the development of Zo language in different capacities and capabilities. The list of awardees can be seen at the website; This is a humble endeavour of a society for the welfare of the community, it does not claim to represent the tribe as a whole, instead its the work of a voluntary organisation/society striving to do some good works with its little resources at hand. If anyone has grievances or criticism(positive), suggestions, problems, you are most welcome to contribute and share your views on zoculsin webblog/site for the same.
If possible, we are planning to have a 10 days linguistic camp or 3 days seminar at Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore sometime in the month of October, participants will be chosen from interested persons.
Report by Mr. Philip Mangkang, Chairman, Zoculsin.

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