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New Delhi, March 14, 2010: An eminent professor of Jawaharlal Nehru University, P. K. S Pandey released yesterday the “Self-tutor Book of Zo-English-Hindi’ at the Sunday Worship Service of MELC Delhi here in Munirka. This is the first book among the Zous in India having an International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

The book was released by Prof. Pandey, Centre for Linguistic (School of Language, Literature & Culture Studies), JNU, New Delhi in the presence of government officers, scholars, students, church leaders and various community leaders.

In his speech, Prof. P.K.S Pandey said: “It’s a very special privilege for me to associate my self to release this precious book. Philip’s book is a pioneer in the field of Zo languages. We don’t find big officers writing languages and culture. Most of these books are written by the academicians only, but it is also rare. I am deeply inspired by his works. JNU is proud to have Philip as research student. I hope he will inspire the educated youths and others.”

MELCD Pastor T. Lalpu blessed the author and his book.

The author, Philip Thanglienmang explained how the book came into being. “The traditional shawls, Puanlaisan (wear by men) and Puandum (wear by women) is a symbolic representation of Zou,” the author said. ” It took eight years to complete the book”.

The books written by scholars are costly. However, the author admitted his book is priced at nominal rate (Rs. 200/-) so that many people can easily buy it.

Words from Well-wishers and friends

On the releasing day, during ‘speech from, if any’ slot, the following persons sprang up and shared their words:

Mr. Tongmin Misao, chairman, Kuki Worship Service, spoke on behalf of KWS, said: “We really appreciate Pu Phillip’s work. We wish him, and his family, God’s blessing.”

Mr. Mung, chairman, Tedim Chin Development Society, said: “Though he might be busy in his office, yet, he could write book. Philip set a good example for us.”

Mr. Ngamlen, vice-president, Kuki Students’ Organisation, said: “Many people will benefit from Pu Phillip’s book. His work is also a kind of service to God.”

Mr. Kammuanmung, research scholar, JNU, said: “Hindi is a big problem for many of us. The book will help us a lot. After reading this book, I hope I would able to argue anyone in Hindi.”

Mr. Muanneu, M.Com, a Sunday School Teacher in ZCF Delhi, says, “I appreciate Pu Phillip for bringing out such a finest book ever among the Zous”.

Mr. Suanliankhup Baite, a veteran student leader, said: “I came to Delhi in 1999. In my early days, life was so horrible without learning Hindi. Now this book will add more ideas. I wish the author to come out with more pictures/photographs in the next books.”

Mr. Thangzalun Khuptong, a prominent leader, wonders, “How did Bro Philip manage his time?”

Mr. Joyful Tonsing, president, Siamsinpawlpi (SSPP), says: “Among the Zomis, we have such keen researcher in language is a pride for us. We appreciate his works and wish him the best in the days to come.”

In 2006, Philip Tanglienmang authored the following books:

(1) Zo Lahaamte, Kigeentena leh Kiteekaahnate Haambu (Vol. I) (Dictionary of Zo Poetic Words, Metaphors & Similes Vol. I)

(2) A Brief Biography of Subedar Peter Thangkhokam (NB: About his beloved father)

(3) Ka Hinkhuo Tomkim by Mari Lienzanieng (NB: About his beloved mother)

(4) Ka Katekizam Masapen

(5) Katholic Zailate leh Mass Lamzuuina

(6) Zou Grammar and Composition for Class XI & Class XII

Now another two books of the same author is in press. It is likely to publish this year.

Though the releasing function was organised in simple manner, however, the turn out was quite impressive. The function ended successfully. Praise the Lord!

A copy of this book can be obtained from 9999593603, 9899951458 & 9810317775.

About the Worship Service

The releasing function is a special item of the Sunday worship service in MELC Delhi. The service was chaired by its Local Secretary. Nu Mengnu, Imphal, who came to Delhi few weeks back, opened the day with her soulful prayer after reading the scriptures from Amos 5:4… It was followed by mass prayer. Mass prayer items include – i) Delhi Zomi Crusade (16-17 March), ii) Zougaal Day (March 17), iii) For the Japanese brethrens hit by the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, iv) Miss Mary Manhoihching (d/o Upa Tuanzagou), Daizang, Manipur, v) Shri Philip Thanglienmang & his family, vi) Mr. Paugoulun, M. Tanglian, Manipur, vii) Upa Thonghang (Founding member of JCA), Nagaland, and viii) Shri Khaikhansuan, BSF Camp, Chhawla, Delhi.

After mass prayer, Pastorpi Niangzadim crooned one of the church hymns. Then PCI (Reformed) Pastor T. Liankholal shared some of the testimonies of Pu Roching Pudaite, founder of Bible for the World (1971). He encouraged the Sunday devotees and blessed the ‘faith promise’ form. Then these were distributed among the people.

The sermon began. Pastor Lalpu, after 45 days leave, it was his first sermon. He cited St. Luke 2:15. After the message, the gatherers were delighted to hear the song sung by Mr. Boboi and Mr. Thangnou. These two youths praised God with their sweet voice. While they sang the song, a young lady, Grace Valte gathered the Sunday offerings and collections. And Pastor Lalpu made the offertory prayer.

The Local Secretary highlighted the biography of Philip Thanglienmang. MELCD chairman T. Zamlunmang also shared his opinions about the book to be released. During his sharing, the special guest arrived. Then the main item ‘Book Release’ began. The author introduced his guide, Prof. P.K.S Pandey, who subsequently released the book. Prof. Pandey also gave a nice speech. After that the author introduced all the invitees who were present. He began sharing his ideas and opinions. Pastor Lalpu blessed the author and his book. The Local Secretary wind-up the evening by compiling vote of thanks. The worship service ended with benediction of Upa T. Ginsuanthang. Thereafter celebrating the new book with ‘special refreshment’ provided by Philip and his family. LYF Delhi was entrusted to sell the books.

About the Author

Mr. Philip Thanglienmang is the fourth son of (L) Subedar Peter Thangkhokam Tungdim and (L) Mari Lienzanieng. He has 5 brothers and 1 sister. One of his brothers is no more. He was born on 22 February, 1964 in Singtom village, Chandel District, Manipur (India).

Early Education

From 1970 to 1975 he did his primary schooling in his home town Sugnu at St. Joseph’s School, Sugnu, Manipur.

Matriculation and College Education

He completed matriculation from Loyola High School, Jakhama, Nagaland securing the 10th Rank in Nagaland Board in the year 1980, obtained distinction marks in Hygiene, science and Geography subjects.

He bagged the Nagaland State Government Scholarship and he went to St. Edmund’s College, Shillong to complete Pre-University Science in the year 1982 with distinction.

In the year 1986 he passed out from Lukhdhirji Engineering College, Morvi, Gujarat securing First Class B.E. (Civil Engineering) degree.

He completed M.A. (Linguistics) in the year 2007 from Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu.

From 1987 onwards he served as S.O-Grade I in Manipur Public Works Department under the Government of Manipur.

Married to a beautiful lady, Nuomzavung on March 7, 1993. His family is blessed with two daughters and two sons. They live in Delhi Government Officers Flats at Greater Kailash-I, New Delhi.

In the month of June, 1993, he was promoted to the rank of Assistant Engineer as Gazetted Officer. He served as Assistant Engineer (Dev.) in the office of Deputy Commissioner, Churachandpur till 1996. He qualified in the UPSC Civil Service (Main) Examination by opting Anthropology and Geography subjects. In 1996, he joined DANICS (Delhi, Daman & Diu, Dadra Nagar, Andaman, Nicobar Islands Civil Service); an IAS-allied service under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. He is posted with the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi. He is currently pursuing Ph.D in JNU, New Delhi.

His Designation

He is the Joint Registrar in Cooperative Society (Govt. of NCT of Delhi), New Delhi.

He founded Zou Cultural cum Literature Society India (ZOCULSIN) in 1998.

He is the president of United Zou Organisation (UZO), Delhi.

- Bruce K. Thangkhal


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