Saturday, November 17, 2012


TEDIM HING KIPAT DAN:- Nidang lai in, I ZO Pasal nih Gam navah in, tuami Tedim khuo kuom teng ah, Muolsang munkhat pan in, agal et gel leh (Tuamun sang pen tun amin THUOMVUM kichi hi) mun zang nou khat ah DIM OR BUOL a mugel a, tuomi DIM/BUOL(LAKE) pen Gamsa te tuidawn zong amugel hi.Tua sung ah amanih zong hoitah leh kichientah a, alim etkia ching gel leh Tuami DIM/BUOL(LAKE) pen aningkom pan in NISA(SUN LIGHT) in hing khawh suh in tuomi nisa vangtang (REFLECTION) in amit gel ahel sah hi.Tuanah amani zong hoihtah a, atha et kiaching gel leh mun kitawi leh Muollawm munnop mama mun amu gel a, Tuasung ah khuosat ding in, angkithu kim tagel hi.
Akhuo min ding angkikup tah ching gel leh TEDIM hisah vai angchi gel hi. Bangjieh in Adim tuibel zong ahiban ah tuomi dimtui pen Nisa (SUN LIGHT) in angkhawh chieng leh Amitgel ahahthei pahsih gel a, amit a nuoinuoi gel hi.Tampen nisa in hingkhawh in avah pen Telihleh maw ahi chieng leh ikhuo min ding in TE Nisa khawh na TE lihleh leh a DIMTUI tawh gawmkhom in TEDIM hisah lei hoiding hi chi in hingki thukim tuogel hi chi in PU.KHAM LIEN in eigen hi. Keizong tualeh I Unau SIM/TEDIM ten zong Dim ma achi uh hilou amah?  kachi leh hilouhi  Simte’n  DIM PEN BUOL chi uh hi eichi hi. Simham siempen I zo sung ah tamvilbel ding ahi chieng leh theizaw va uhteh  keipen in  Siemmama nanleng Zahsawm sing bangjieh in kitel maw ding om khol salou kahi zieh in.
TEDIM chipen izo ham akichien in genkia lei NISA KENG IN AKHAWH SUH DIMTUI  AVAH KILEKIA PEN I ZO HAM (TE) Mangham in ( REFLECTION) Kawlham in (ALEN PYIEN)kichi hi. DIMTUI Mangham (LAKE) Kawlgam in ( GIKAN CHI) TEDIM PEN Mangham tawh Direct a leh ding hilei pen ( THE REFLECTION OF LAKE ) Suoh ding hi.Tuozieh in TEDIM china minpen pen ZO HAM/KAM ORIGINAL ngiet in kikhen tel thei hi. I unau Sim/Tedim te na phuoh hileh DIM pen BUOL chi uh ahijieh in  TEBUOL chi in na phuoh kha ding uh hi.Tuazieh in TEDIM KHUO min kammal pen Zoham hi chi in kigen thei hi. 
TEDIM KHUO HAM:- Hun leh nite hingpei touzel in mun tuomtuom pan in Tedim ah hing kiteng chiet in, minam tuom tuom, ZO, THADOU, VAIPHEI, GANGTE, FALAM, HAKHA, KAWL, SIM, MANGKANG TE chidan in hingki teng koikoi hi. Khuopi lien mama khat hing suoh hi. Tua sungah I unau SIM te pen atampen Majority pen leh akichingpen ahizieh un, atangpi in SIM ham pen TEDIM ham chi in hing kithei hi. Tuazieh in TEDIM ham om a, TEDIM minam pen omlou thei lou hi. Tedim minam ichi leh pen Tedim khuo a teng minam teng hing koh ding hi. Om sah nuom paupau nanlah chin a TAMAI (HISTORY) dingpen omthei lou suoh hi chi in  PU. KHAM LIEN PAU @ PU. KHAMLIEN IN ei genpi ngai hi.
Tuazieh in tamthu pen thei huoi thukhat hi e chi in, aman leh aman lou ding pen eima mimal chiet in limsim chiet in ngaituo vai, akichien a, theizong om ding in ka um a tuaten hing correct kia ta un.
Mangpan  leitungbup zotate hing kipumkhat sah semsem in alamdang thupha hing tung sah tahen.


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